T1 - Who do you know that may want to build their network?

Episode 1 October 25, 2021 00:02:12
T1 - Who do you know  that may want to build their network?
W03 - Who do you know?
T1 - Who do you know that may want to build their network?

Oct 25 2021 | 00:02:12


Show Notes

As you begin to gain more confidence in the CC process and the other people building their teams in the CC, it’s great to start thinking about others you know who may be interested in building their networks.

At the same time, use the CC syllabus and workshops to learn how to build your team by creating filtered lists of people you have not yet met on LinkedIn and invite them to connect with you.

Start by making a list of current and past work associates.
Put everyone you can think of on your list and keep adding to the list as the names pop into your head.
The reason for putting all names on your list is that one name reminds you of another.

Next, start making a shortlist of people that you think you’d like to have as part of your team and who you believe could be interested in building their networks.

Today, most people realise the value of having an extensive network of people they trust and who will advocate for them. Moreover, most people are beginning to realise that building their networks is no longer an optional extra. And since video-conferencing has become the default way of meeting face-to-face, network building has never been more accessible or powerful.

It’s important to realise:

1. The CC culture and system is precisely what many people are looking for, and you may be able to do them a huge favour by onboarding them into your team.

2. You only need a few like-minded people to come into your team. You don’t need to sell people on the CC. When you have discovery conversations with many people, you will discover a few who want to join your team and will be grateful for your help to build their team.

3. You are looking for people who are prepared to consistently devote a small amount of time to build their team of team building advocates.

4. You are looking for people who see the value in building their network rather than just networking with others in the CC.

5. You only need a few builders to create an exponentially growing team. When you have 5 builders in your team who onboard 5 builders, it’s easy to see how rapidly exponential growth can occur.

6. Take people through a Discovery Zoom and a CC Intro Zoom and then let them decide. Many people are looking for a different approach.
Many people want to build relationships rather than hunt for immediate transactions.
Many people will love and benefit from building their team within the CC ecosystem.

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